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Christmas Eve…

December 24, 2010
ROGERS-SCOTT family, Vancouver, BC, 1961.

ROGERS-SCOTT family, at Yukon St., Vancouver, BC in 1961. Dad & Mum, Diane & Dave, & Na.

I don’t remember either Mum or Na talking much about Newdale Christmases, although we had our own family ‘traditions’ – like never getting anything much ready till Christmas Eve. (Well, Mum must have done the shopping long before, but we children weren’t supposed to know that).  I know there were church related activities in Newdale just before Christmas, and there are many ads in area newsapapers for gifts and special treats.

Santa often came to Newdale, as to Vancouver, but all was not the same. No convenient department store Santa mail boxes, for instance.

“A child near Minnedosa told a grown up that if you wanted Santa Claus to come to see you, just write your name on a piece of paper, take it to the door and throw it out when the wind was blowing, and Santa would get it.” From the Minnedosa Tribune, 20 December 1917, page 3.

Mum would have been three in 1917 when this tip was published. I wonder if she ever did that?

This photograph, from 1961, shows our family at our Yukon Street home in Vancouver, BC.  Na didn’t live with us there but had her own apartment on Cambie Street, still within walking distance. She always baked a lot for holidays, as did my Mum. Here’s a little something I wrote about Christmas Eve at our house on my CanadaGenealogy, or, Jane’s Your Aunt blog in 2007.


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