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Maggie (Irwin) Drummond, 1919

October 24, 2011

Margaret (Irwin) Drummond, 1919, Saskatchewan, Canada

Margaret (Maggie) Annie Alexina Irwin (born Newdale, Manitoba, 1881), my great aunt, my ‘Auntie Grandma’, with four of her children in 1919. She had married Alexander Steele Drummond in 1906 in Newdale, and moved to Balcarres, Saskatchewan where their children were born. She died in Victoria, British Columbia in 1966.


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  1. Dawn Haylett permalink

    What a great picture. I have never seen it before. Margaret Irwin was my great grandmother and one of the children must be my grandfather, Donald Alexander Drummond. My mother, Margaret Ann Haylett (nee Drummond), was named after her grandmother. We were just talking about Balcarres and I came across your site. I’d love to know more.

  2. I’m very happy to hear from you, Dawn, and would love to be in touch. Your great grandmother and my grandmother, Amy, were sisters. I do have more family photos and have posted some on my other blog. Here is another one of the ‘Drummond boys’:

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