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School Report, Newdale, Manitoba, 1909

November 4, 2011

From the Minnedosa Tribune – 22 July 1909, page 5.

Newdale School Report

The following is the report of the senior room, Harrison school, Newdale, for the term ending June 30, 1909: –

The names are arranged in order of merit.

Grade VII, senior: Nellie Irwin, Clare Johnson, Lionel Dennison.
Grade VII, junior: Hoyle Dennison, Jack Harry, Willie Hetherington, Alberta Edwards.
Arithmetic: Clare Johnson, 95, Nellie Irwin, 90.
Geography: Clare Johnsons, 86; Holye Dennison, 70.
History: Clare Johnson 79, Nellie Irwin, 65.
Spelling: Nellie Irwin, 99; Hoyle Dennison, 98.
Literature and composition: Hoyle Dennison 73; Nellie Irwin, 70.
Reading: Nellie Irwin, 80; Lionel Dennison 75.
Grammar: Nellie Irwin, 60, Clare Johnson, 55.
Grade VI, senior: May Wilson, Janet Aitcheson, Ruth Walkey, Edna Andrew, Harold Martin.
Grade VI, junion: Jessie Young, Belle Lewis, Norma Johnson, Ellen Howard, Willie Stobart, Arnold Stobart.
Arithmetic: May Wilson, 85, Janet Aitcheson, 85.
Geography: Ruth Walkey, 93; Harold Martin, 80.
History: Belle Lewis, 80; May Wilson, 75.
Spelling: May Wilson, 97; Belle Lewis, 94; Ruth Walkey, 94; Jenet Aitcheson, 94.
Literature and composition: Ruth Walkey, 75; May Wilson, 70.
Reading: May Wilson, 80; Edna Andrew, 75.
Grades VI and and VII, drawing: Willie Stobart, 80; Clare Johnson, 75; Hoyle Dennison, 75; May Wilson, 75.
Six candidates from this school have just finished writing upon their examinations at Minnedosa.
Gavin F. Andrew, entrance.
Iva Johnson, Gertie Maybury, Mabel Trott, Deane Hopper1, part 1, third class.
Ella S. Jones, part II, third class.
The first prize in spelling for the entire school year was won by Gertie Maybury, the second by Nellie Irwin.
Helen Stacey, teacher.

1 I believe Deane Hopper would be (Maggie/Margaret) Dean Hopper.


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