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Long-Lost Relatives Sought in 1890 – Burke, Patterson, Smy – 52 Ancestors

January 10, 2014

A reference to Newdale was found in the Long-Lost column of an 1890 issue of Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper.  What’s seems really interesting to me about this column is that answers to previous queries are also given.  And this particular query was sent to the paper from Nova Scotia, Canada.

From Springhill, N.S. – F. F. BURKE was last heard of from Newdale, Manitoba, N.W.T. Brother James inquires.

There are other queries in the same column for those believed to be in various places in Canada, but there are also these which only say ‘Canada’.

ELLEN PATTERSON went to Canada in 1870 from a school in Surrey. Her brother (William Henry) seeks her.

JAMES AND DAVID SMY, formerly of North Hyde, sailed from Liverpool in Oct., 1880, with other boys in the Circassian for Canada. Their relatives ask news.

I wonder if Ellen, James and David were among the British Home Children sent to Canada?

Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper, London, England, 30 November, 1890, page 12.

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