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Newdale Methodist Church – women’s auxiliary, 1913 – 52 Ancestors

April 13, 2014


The Newdale auxiliary of the women’s foreign missionary and ladies’ aid of the Methodist church, held the regular monthly meeting Thursday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. A.E. Gamey. At this meeting, official Easter program was given as follows:- Solo, A little bit of love, Mrs. Peacock; reading, Mrs. Craig; reading, Mrs. Gordon; reading, Mrs. Riordon; reading, Mrs. Datesman; duet, Mrs. Gamey and Miss Gordon; reading, Mrs. Martin; solo, Miss Martin. The treasurer reported the Easter collection as $29. At the close of the literary program, Mrs. Gamey served a three course luncheon, which, interspersed with sociability, was greatly enjoyed by all. The members were pleased at meeting one of the former members, Mrs. M. J. Roulston, now of Vancouver, B.C. Twenty eight members responded to the roll call.

Minnedosa Tribune, 17 April, 1913, page 1.


Mrs. A. E. Gamey – Margaret Ann McCallum, married to Albert (Ab) Edward Gamey.

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