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David and Eva Howarth, Newdale – 52 Ancestors

April 15, 2014

David and Eva Howarth

In the 1970s, my grandmother, Amy Estella (Irwin) Scott, identified this photograph as showing David and Eva Howarth. Private collection.

According to the short account in the 1970 Newdale Centennial book1, David and Eva Howarth lived in Newdale from about 1906 to1908, as did their mother. To make money for his education, David took photographs from a tent in Newdale. Eva, his sister, taught school and I did find some newspaper mentions of her. David was graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1910 and became a Methodist minister. I’m still collecting further information about them and will post more later.

Since I’m interested in photographs and photographers, I was interested in the mention of David Howarth as a photographer in Newdale in 1908 or so. He’s not listed in Glen Phillips book, The Western Canada Photographers List (1860-1925)2 but a D. Howarth is listed as a Winnipeg photographer, 1908, in the Manitoba Historical Society’s on-line list of “Manitoba Photographers, 1858 to Present”.3

1 Newdale 1870-1970, Newdale Historical Society, compiled by Jack Lamb, Laura Wood, Dora Bradley, Edith Waddell, 1970.
2 Published by Global Heritage Press, 2002.
3 Manitoba Historical Society website: Accessed 15 April 2014.

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