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Manitobah Settler’s House and Red River Cart, circa 1862 by artist William Hind

November 20, 2014

Those whose families have long, long roots in Manitoba and Canada’s west will be interested to see the 1860s illustrations by artist William Hind now posted on Flickr by Library and Archives Canada. During his 1862 trip across western Canada heading for British Columbia’s Cariboo with the ‘Overlanders’, Hind painted and sketched the people and lands he saw.

William Hind - 1862 - Manitoba farm with Red River cart. Library and Archives Canada collections.

Manitobah Settler’s House and Red River Cart / Habitations de colons et charrette de la rivière Rouge au Manitobah. Circa / vers 1862; artist, William George Richardson Hind. Library and Archives Canada collection: R13878-0-X-E, painting C-013965. William HInd Album, Library and Archives Canada, Flickr.

See also Library and Archives Canada’s archived exhibit, “William HInd’s Overlanders of ’62 Sketchbook”.

The Archives of British Columbia has a brief biography of William Hind on-line with more of his illustrations.

And “William Hind: Illustrating Canada from Sea to Sea” is the topic of Library and Archives Canada’s newest podcast.   (35:45 minutes long; released today 20 November 2014. Transcript on-line.)


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