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Photo Credits

In most cases, photographs shown here are from my own collections. These are “All Rights Reserved”. However, if you would like a copy for personal, research or other use, do contact me.

Many of the individuals in these photographs were identified by my grandmother, Amy Estella (Irwin) Scott (1884-1983) in the 1960s. I feel very lucky that we had a lot of time together and one summer we went through most of her photographs. As she talked about the people shown, I wrote down the names. I just wish I had written down all her stories too.

Most of the family photographs were taken by my grandfather, James Walter Scott. He had been interested in photography even when he was quite young.

I also have a small Newdale postcard collection. Many of those photographs would have been taken by A. R. (Aubrey Randolf) Henson who operated a photography business in Newdale from 1905 to the 1930s when he and his wife moved away. He continued as a photographer in Minnedosa and Clear Lake.

Snowshoers at Newdale, Manitoba, Canada, about 1911?

I’d bet A.R. Henson was the photographer here because his sign is so visible. Of course, so is Blaikie’s. The women, as identified by my grandmother, Amy Estella Scott (née Irwin) – Mrs. Henson, Mrs. Hodgins, Mrs. S. Young, Mrs. Blaikie, Mrs. Craik, Mrs. L. Murphy, Mrs. B. Thompson, Mrs. Onhauser (Dr. Mrs.[?]), self, Miss Hunter.


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