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Irwin, Gamey, 1918 – Newdale, Manitoba – 52 Ancestors

Miss Nellie Irwin, of Sardis [British Columbia, Canada] spent some days with friends in Vancouver last week. She was accompanied home by Mrs. Gamey, of Newdale, Man., who is spending a short while at the  home of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Jas. [sic] Irwin.

Chilliwack Progress, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, 28 February, 1918, page 4.

James Irwin, my great uncle, and his wife, Annie Porteous Moffat, had lived at Newdale for a time. Previously they were in Victoria County, Ontario. Nellie was their daughter.

Mrs. J. Hunter – died at Newdale, 1912 – 52 Ancestors

Born in 1819

Mrs. J. Hunter of Newdale, Man., Lived in Reign of Six Monarchs

   There died at Newdale yesterday, Mrs. J. Hunter who was born May 26, 1819, and consequently she lived during the reings [sic] of George III, George IV, William IV, Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V.

   She was born in Ireland and came to Ontario in 1837 and to Manitoba in 1887. She is survived by five daughters, two sons, thirty-four grandchildren, and four great – great grandchildren. The funeral took place at Newdale yesterday.

The Winnipeg Tribune, Manitoba, Canada, Friday, 5 July 1912, page 8.


The Minnedosa Tribune, 4 July 1912, page 3 reported the death thus: Mrs. Hunter died at Newdale yesterday, at the advanced age of 93 years. She leaves a host of relatives in this vicinity.

The obituary printed in the Minnedosa Tribune, 11 July 1912, page 3 and dated Newdale, Man., July 4, had a few additional details. She died on Wednesday morning, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. W. Robertson. And she had 41 great grandchildren. And “the funeral took place to the old Newdale cemetery today.”

BARCLAY – CONGDON – SAUNDERSON – Newdale & Souris, Manitoba, Canada, 1910 – 52 Ancestors

Mr. J. W. Barclay, editor and proprietor of the Souris Plandealer, was in town yesterday. He was with his son on his way home from Vancouver, B. C. where he had spent a couple of weeks, and had called at Newdale to meet his wife, who was visiting her sister there, Mrs. Congdon. All left on the afternoon train for Souris.

Minnedosa Tribune, 11 August, 1910, page 7.

Mrs. Barclay (Esther Isabella) and Mrs. Congdon (Sadie) were the daughters of William C. Saunderson and Margaret Ann Irwin.

Apparently Mr. Barclay had bought a house in North Vancouver, B. C. just after this trip to the Coast. Esther Isabella and William Jack Barclay (not J. W. as the Tribune had it) had moved to British Columbia by 1913 and she died in North Vancouver, B. C. in 1916, but was buried in Souris, Manitoba. She and her husband had, I believe, 3 children: Hugh, William and Sara Esther Isabella. has a photograph of Esther Isabella’s headstone in the Souris-Glenwood Cemetery. Unforunately it’s not readable, but it has been transcribed.

William Jack Backlay was remarried sometime after Esther’s death to Clara Burr Cowieson. William Jack and Clara are both buried in North Vancouver Cemetery.

If you are related to these Barclay – Saunderson – Congdon families, please contact me as we are cousins though the Irwins. I am happy to share information and references.

Eunice Patricia Grills & Morley Hall Rose, marriage 1940 – 52 Ancestors


Newdale, Man.–A quiet wedding took place at the manse, Newdale, March 14, when Eunice Patricia, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Grills, of Strathclair, was united in marriage to Morley Hall, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Rose, of Newdale. The ceremony  was performed by Rev. W. Smetheringham, of the United church, Newdale.

The bride, who was unattended, was dressed in white silk sheer with headdress coronet style with pearls. Her travelling dress was of airforce blue with navy.

The young couple left by motor for Winnipeg. They will reside east of Strathclair.

Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Wednesday, 20 March 1940, page 11.



Mary Sutherland Forsyth – death 1920 – 52 Ancestors


Mrs. Mary S. Forsyth

After a short illness from pneumonia Mrs. Mary Sutherland Forsyth, beloved wife of Mr. Alex. Forsyth, 546 Twelfth street passed away on Wednesday afternoon at the age of sixty-three years. The late Mrs. Forsyth came to Manitoba in 1882 and was one of the pioneer teachers in the province. She was at one time a member of the teaching staff at the Okarese Indian Reserve near [E]Iphinstone, Man. For many years Mr. and Mrs. Forsyth were residents of the Newdale district where they are very well known. They moved to Brandon in 1908 to reside. The late Mrs. Forsyth has many friends both in Brandon and at Newdale who will regret her death. Besides her husband she is survived by one daughter, Miss Mary A. Forsyth, and one son, Mr. Donald S. Forsyth, B.A.

The remains will be shipped Friday to Newdale, Man., where interment will be made Friday afternoon.

Brandon Daily Sun, Manitoba, Canada, 22 April 1920, page 8

I do have some additional family information.


Manitoba – Mothers’ Day, 1914 – 52 Ancestors

Manitoba - Mothers' Day, 1914

White flowers today for my mother, Janet Muriel (Scott) Rogers, b. 1914, Amy Estella (Irwin) Scott, b. 1884, both born in Newdale, Manitoba, Canada, and for Janet (Carmichael) Irwin, b. in Canada West, 1851, d. in Newdale, 1927.

No lilies though, not even Lily of the Valley, once one of my childhood favourite flowers. Amy (my Na) didn’t like them; she remembered Lily of the Valley grew on her little brothers’ grave.

Peter Larsen & Co. advertisement, Brandon Daily Sun, May 8, 1914, page 8.

Newdale school students, c. 1929, 1930 – 52 Ancestors

Today I’m posting 3 photographs identified as Newdale, Manitoba school students, c. 1929-1930. There are no names given, but two have very brief old ink captions on the back.  I would be pleased to hear from anyone who can identify any of the students.

Newdale School, Manitoba, Canada, c 1929

This photograph has no caption. Private collection.

Newdale School, Manitoba, 1929

This photograph’s caption says: Newdale High School, 1929. Private collection.

Newdale school, Manitoba, 1930
This photographs caption says: Newdale 1930. Private collection.

David and Eva Howarth, Newdale – 52 Ancestors

David and Eva Howarth

In the 1970s, my grandmother, Amy Estella (Irwin) Scott, identified this photograph as showing David and Eva Howarth. Private collection.

According to the short account in the 1970 Newdale Centennial book1, David and Eva Howarth lived in Newdale from about 1906 to1908, as did their mother. To make money for his education, David took photographs from a tent in Newdale. Eva, his sister, taught school and I did find some newspaper mentions of her. David was graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1910 and became a Methodist minister. I’m still collecting further information about them and will post more later.

Since I’m interested in photographs and photographers, I was interested in the mention of David Howarth as a photographer in Newdale in 1908 or so. He’s not listed in Glen Phillips book, The Western Canada Photographers List (1860-1925)2 but a D. Howarth is listed as a Winnipeg photographer, 1908, in the Manitoba Historical Society’s on-line list of “Manitoba Photographers, 1858 to Present”.3

1 Newdale 1870-1970, Newdale Historical Society, compiled by Jack Lamb, Laura Wood, Dora Bradley, Edith Waddell, 1970.
2 Published by Global Heritage Press, 2002.
3 Manitoba Historical Society website: Accessed 15 April 2014.

Newdale Methodist Church – women’s auxiliary, 1913 – 52 Ancestors


The Newdale auxiliary of the women’s foreign missionary and ladies’ aid of the Methodist church, held the regular monthly meeting Thursday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. A.E. Gamey. At this meeting, official Easter program was given as follows:- Solo, A little bit of love, Mrs. Peacock; reading, Mrs. Craig; reading, Mrs. Gordon; reading, Mrs. Riordon; reading, Mrs. Datesman; duet, Mrs. Gamey and Miss Gordon; reading, Mrs. Martin; solo, Miss Martin. The treasurer reported the Easter collection as $29. At the close of the literary program, Mrs. Gamey served a three course luncheon, which, interspersed with sociability, was greatly enjoyed by all. The members were pleased at meeting one of the former members, Mrs. M. J. Roulston, now of Vancouver, B.C. Twenty eight members responded to the roll call.

Minnedosa Tribune, 17 April, 1913, page 1.


Mrs. A. E. Gamey – Margaret Ann McCallum, married to Albert (Ab) Edward Gamey.

Hunter Family Reunion – 1915 – 52 Ancestors

There was a reunion of the Hunter family of Newdale, and vicinity, at a pic-nic at Mrs. Cannon’s near Bethany, yesterday, over sixty being present. All had a good time.

Minnedosa Tribune, 15 July 1915, page 3.

One of my own favourite Newdale photos shows a Miss Hunter.  I know little about this family.




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